Meet Darrell Thorpe

A graphic artist with an appetite for colour…

Hey, my name is Darrell Thorpe and I paint under the name ‘Forpe’. I am a skilled graphic designer and since graduating with a 1st class degree in graphic design & illustration 11 years ago I have had the pleasure to work in studios up and down the country.

I have a passion for creating art, books and comics. If you visit my various pages you will notice my very unique style that I have spent time cultivating. It has been described often as a mix of ‘street art & fairy tales’ which I think is probably true.

Most would say that I am an enthusiastic and exciting creator, I guess how could I not be? My days are filled with colour and eye popping visuals. My job allows me to work with some kick ass clients that share my enthusiasm.

Well there is not much more than that to say, I hope my work gives you a smile and an insight to me.

Daz is the most inventive, energetic and down-to-earth graphic wizard I have ever met. He is outrageously easy and fun to work with, and he brings my ideas to life before they’ve even fully formed. He’s has been first choice for absolutely any project for the last five years.
— Ed Gamester, author and international creative strategist

Forpe on Instagram - @MrForpe