welcome to freedoom

Freedoom is a realm which is created and illustrated by Darrell Thorpe aka Forpe'.

A realm filled with possibilities & oddities. These vast lands are home to doodes, beasts, assassins, valkyries and many other beautiful freaks. The vivid colours of the Freedoom realm are often translated through the tales that Forpe' documents in his single illustrations or sequential pieces.

Although it sounds fantastical this is how Forpe' creates his characters and various other structures in his pieces. As Forpe' does not use reference materials to illustrate from;  Freedoom has become a way that he can explore how his characters talk, interact and visually explore what there surroundings look like. 

Below you will find some of the tales that will start to introduce this strange new world.


The Baron

MEET :  Baron Blue, 6ft 2in hipster rat doode.

A knife wielding mad man that wandered the planes of the Freedoom realm. Lost in his madness he was abducted by the Piece Brigade to join there creative quest agains the PoPo Squad.

Jack Steele

MEET : Jack Steele, fastest gun in the west of Freedoom & he's an original Devil Back Assassin

Death; a hard lesson for any man to come to terms with but in this slice of life we see how Jack learns how to deal with his hot tempered act.



Located all around the FreeDoom Realm are the infamous Creative Dojos, where our artistic ninjas train daily to improved their skills.

Support Forpe in his mission to spread the joy and hang a piece in your own Creative Dojo. 

Suitable for all types of Doodes, Beasts, Wizards, Boneheads, Octo-Doodes & Valkyries.

Keep the Piece - Love FORPE

FreeDoom Artbook

A 42 page FREEDOOM art book.

This mighty book contains all the work from the Blue period but recoloured in the mighty technicolour hue known as green.

Learn the lingo from the Freedoom realm and discover Forpes character designs that are being used in his new comic Erol Vs Evil. 

Each book is signed 1x30 & comes with stickers plus a one off artist study (the black inks shown in the background. Hurry there are only 30!

Some sample pages from the Freedoom book above! enjoy comrades, bath in my green glory!!