The Art Of Forpe

Art is my passion.

Since I can remember I have loved creating art for no other reason than pure joy and therapy. Its a chance for me to escape the real world and indulge in true creativity. The pieces I paint are usually based in a fictitious world or on a phrase that I have found enjoyable to explore.


My process and speed is what has enabled me to hone my style. It’s been describe as street art meets fairytale. My work is full of symbols and hidden meanings I think this is from my graphic design background and my love of symbolism.

When I start a piece my colours play a very important role, I work with limited palettes to help me focus on there use and application. I found that if had an unlimited palette I would lose the loose style and focus.


Recently I have started playing with water colours and inks. This is a great example on how I am constantly playing with various mediums to see what effects best represent my work and mood.



Forpe Paint Jam 2017 from darrell on Vimeo.


All of my work is available to buy on my online store. If you wish to commission a piece then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.