Digital Paintings

From Paper to Pixels


There is nothing I love more than taking my hand inked illustrations from my sketchbook and working them up as digital paintings. Photoshop & illustrator give you another level of colour control, filters and graphical tricks. My background in graphic design has enabled me to pick up digital painting pretty quickly, my nature of limited pallets still holds true in my digital work.



I like to allow my work to keep the digital aspects like the flat colours or using effects. I think this has really helped to separate my traditional style from my digital. The same basic rules apply with colours and layouts but I try not to hide the fact it was created on a computer.



I think my work has a retro palette associated with it, a warmth of colour. I pay close attention to detail when my pieces are being printed, one of my main goals is putting a smile on the viewers face. I love the friendly nature of my work and how adults and kids react to them.



My love of the outdoors and exploration is always at the basis of my designs. I have a real curiosity for the ocean, space and woodlands, I think that is why they feature in most of my work; it’s the opposite place to where I am when working in the studio. I find it therapeutic to imagine these places and characters.



You can buy A4 & A3 prints of my work on the Online store here.