Graphics & Logos

Hand Drawn to Vectors

As a designer I have spent the last 11 years learning how to design graphics for other brands. I have worked with massive luxury & leisure brands and for corporate tech companies, pharma & motor car business’. Below are graphic projects I have been commissioned to work on privately. As I have a passion in extreme sports & family entertainment I see them more as passion projects.



Like with my art, I have been taught to design logos’ on paper and then goto screen after. I think this is important as it allows you to work out any issues straight away. Plus you’re much more fluid rather than trying to be pixel perfect.

Once I am happy, then I will start to work up a crisp version in illustrator. Any branding that I work will usually come with a suite of graphics to help sell the brand online and in print.


I have vast experience in working with different print process on a variety of materials like textiles, paper, wood & plastics. This is advantageous as it means when I am working on any branding I have a clear picture on how the design will need to work.

You can see how the Happy Ghetto & Death By Heroism Logos work by clicking their links. I also designed and coded the websites for these brands too.