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A Love For Sharing Stories


From 300 page illustrative books to 32 page comic books I have worked on them all. There is something special about sharing stories and making tangible products is highly addictive. I started working on books and comics a few years back when I was challenged to explain the world I had created for my characters also known then as the Happy Ghetto and what the Island of the VewDu Dudes would be like and how would people interact with them.



I worked on this project with my close creative writing friend Ed Gamester and art direction by Mark Wilkie  my chief at The Narrative Studio . Little did I know that this 300 page epic would awaken my passion for design books, comics and art zines. Each page was typeset individually, then scanned, pencilled and re-organised to keep the feel of a log book.  The tale followed adventurer Alexander McCuba as he is shown the island by Le Yeti & Captain Awesome.

Like everything I create I have to push the design as far as I can, for this project Ed and I managed to secure a publishing contract and reduce the cost of producing a 300 page hardback book by launching a successful Kickstarter. We also auctioned a series of original artwork from the book to help increase our funding.



Once the book was finished I wanted a new challenge, something that I had never tried before. I have always enjoyed reading comics, and it seemed logical that I would create one; but rather than designing a book that would be designed panel by panel I decided to look at creating something different. I wanted my comics to be fresh, exciting and not the same as my fellow peers. It is still very early days but I feel my work gravitating towards big splash pages and fluid layouts. I still work in my traditional art style and loose brush work.

So far my comics have had a really great response, Alex at Pipe Dreams comics got a real kick out of the latest Sub Diablo Comic.



Along side comic books I create one off tales and art zines. These are usually 32 page A5 pieces, that are printed in limited runs and have a core theme. The above zine, Stupid Forpes – the 2nd Awakening utilises my graphic design and layout skills. I love to mash up my art and design disciplines when ever possible. What ever I am working on I focus heavily on creating a high quality products that aim to put a smile on my readers face. You can buy my books and zines at the online store.