We are almost there my Kinder egg surprises!

I have a super dope new concept that will start to take shape over the next few months but before then hows about another free, awesome and rad, digital tech wallpaper?

This hunk of the month is ‘Tuckerz” although slow, he is quickly grasping that we do not eat friends. Not even if we ask politely.
He has a new found interest in tuna steaks. So don’t be scared my pickled eggs…

Introduce Tuckers to your tech toys now! :

Exclusive iPhone wallpaper by Forpe

Exclusive PC & Mac Desktop wallpaper by Forpe

Enjoy, Love Forpe



Hi, my tech savvy comrades, Forpe here from Freedoom radio.

I have been hanging out in metropolis this week getting ready for the greatest artistic story telling event of the year Thought Bubble!
Ed and I will be there promoting all of our tales, comics and sharing the pieceful vibes of the brigade.

We hear its going to be an anti PoPo Squad event which warms our hearts.

If your not aware of our epic range of creative radness hop over to Death By Heroism store and pick some up, you’ll always get a lil something special thrown in when you buy one of our books.

Any way show some epic love and help spread the Piece with these totally free digital wallpapers.
just follow the links below and by all means share them amongst your crew!

Forpe desktop wallpaper for Laptop & Computer

Forpe desktop wallpaper for Phone

Forpe Out!


I have opened a threadless store, I know you’re thinking wow so has everyone else.
But i am hoping to use it for creating products I want to wear and also bring it into the Piece Brigade story.

I have some great fans over i the US & Brazil so its also a new way they can pick up some of my stuff.
The plan is to update this quarterly and try and hold an exhibition once a year that leads upto everything you see in store and on my Instagram & Twitter feed.



Hopefully i’ll catch you at my next exhibition or at London Super Comic or Thought Bubble in Leeds.

Keep creative



It was a hot sunny week in the studio so I was chomping at the bit to get over and hangout with my creative artistic ninja Decreate . We spent our Saturday first in a local coffee shop where we exercised our thoughts of the local area and the need to add more art and creative shows and help form a more artistic neighbourhood.

This followed by discussions of up-and-coming exhibitions, comic cons and bucks open studio tours that we’d need to get ready for. As always we simply placed some tunes on and chilled out with cups of tea and loads of paint. All of which made for an epic weekender!

Below are some of the images I managed to photograph whist out and about, enjoy!


I was super honoured to be asked by Collect & Display to be part of their artist line up for 2017.
I choose to paint a Fonzo & GAS figure. For this I used MTN spray paint and Molotow on for all inks.

The characters and there full bio are up on Collect and Displays website so go an head over and see Barry & Igor, they are also for sale so go bag yourself a Forpe original for £40.

Big Love, Forpe.

20th May 2017 – Paint Jam

Super excited about this show, It’s my first real exhibition/ art jam. My self and epic artist Dan Wilson aka Decreate will be throwing some paint around The Chilterns in High Wycombe this weekend.  I will be exhibiting a few pieces plus creating some stuff on the day.

We are hoping to get a video created and have that up on vimeo next week so you can check the process and enjoy the show from the cozy of your arm chairs.