Piece Brigade Digital Wallpaper



Hi, my tech savvy comrades, Forpe here from Freedoom radio.

I have been hanging out in metropolis this week getting ready for the greatest artistic story telling event of the year Thought Bubble!
Ed and I will be there promoting all of our tales, comics and sharing the pieceful vibes of the brigade.

We hear its going to be an anti PoPo Squad event which warms our hearts.

If your not aware of our epic range of creative radness hop over to Death By Heroism store and pick some up, you’ll always get a lil something special thrown in when you buy one of our books.

Any way show some epic love and help spread the Piece with these totally free digital wallpapers.
just follow the links below and by all means share them amongst your crew!

Forpe desktop wallpaper for Laptop & Computer

Forpe desktop wallpaper for Phone

Forpe Out!